Myra Foundation- A Non- Profit Organization


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As everyone knows, having a disability, concerned with understanding or learning doesn’t make someone inferior to anyone else. We at Myra Foundation cater to a child’s psychological and physiological requirements.

Myra foundation

The entire focus of The Myra Foundation envelopes on equipping the children towards a well settled and requisite future.

Applying the skills and independence through a myriad of learning, this tenure with The Myra foundation would be encapsulated with playful activities.

Children with special needs are also worked with at a very close observation.

Since education is the strongest catalyst for molding minds, it is facilitated by society norms and the best behavioral patterns.

This will not just help them in facing social acceptance but will also, help them in facing any challenge that lies ahead.

  • The main goal of The Myra Foundation is to combine family entertainment with the best childcare facility possible.
  • Our primary objective is to be the #1 destination for children to play, learn and grow.

With Myra foundation, learning is fun and interactive as well.


Made to Be Serve

  • A non- profit organization 
  • Working to provide educational support & holistic developmental opportunities to children from the less privileged neighborhood in NCR DELHI.
  • Philanthropic Activities at their best given to children to perform their best.
  • Properly Conceived, research & analyzed games and learning skills provided to children. 

Team Work - to the involvement of the children's

  • Introduced and making them aware of the difficulties and challenges that may lie ahead for their lives.
  • Team Work, leadership, public speaking orientation & other recreational activities are given to children, making them strong for all this.
  • Sessions on Debates & group discussions.

General Awareness - To make the mind healthy and strong

  • Awareness about current affairs and counseling them on jobs and career growth.
  • Better dining skills and best habits to behave with family and society.
  • Technical knowledge to interested students on job behaviors.
  • Introduction to different sports and play- patterns.

Summary Results

Myra Foundation is a nonprofit organization, working to provide educational support & holistic development opportunities to children from the less privileged neighborhood in NCR DELHI.