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With My Angel’s Academy, Different Philanthropic and recreational activities for all-round development are being catered, whether it may be coaching underprivileged youth, classes in spoken English, mentoring for employment, tutoring in academics, and familiarizing themselves with sports and other extra-curricular activities.

My Angels Academy

Increase the accessibility of high-quality education for everyone & everywhere. Enhance teaching for everyone on campus as well as online.

Advanced teaching has been provided through comprehensive research.

The man of all our efforts is towards building, partnering, and promoting a platform that brings out the best from its students so that they can be adept enough for all colleges, schools, offices, and organizations.

  • My Angels Academy is also centered towards the youth development in extracurricular activities like building a skill, or interests like painting, sculpture, etc. or public speaking and overall progress of personality for any job in any organization.
  • Institutions, such as State Cricket Associations, Sports Academies, Clubs, Sports Bodies, Schools, Corporate, and Sports Bodies.
  • Here, any interest in any sport is also fortified. Our curriculum framework imbibes practices from all across the world. We have put together a team of the best staff and personnel who join hands together for the brightest future of your ward.

Everything at My Angel’s academy stems from our deep-rooted ethical values that strive towards the child’s overall development.


Different Centers available

  • Different centers for Under Privileged Children
  • The special ones who require the utmost care.

All Round Development - the main priority

  • Not just the technical, but an all-round development is prioritized here,
  • Where personality development is also monitored and adhered to.

Sports as well as education, focused

  • Both catered very well, as per the interest and the skill as-well-as adaptability of students,
  • Everything is decided and fragmented based on psychometric analysis.

Summary Results

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