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MphRx Inc. is a healthcare technology company headquartered in New York, with research and development, support, and implementation teams based out of New Delhi. MphRx’s mission is to build a scalable, cost-effective, and highly interoperable platform to aggregate healthcare data across disparate sources to ultimately improve patient engagement and care collaboration. Today, MphRx develops products and solutions that are implemented in more than 14 countries worldwide, used by hundreds of clinicians, and helps facilitate care for tens of millions of patients. MphRx has a growing team of more than 140 experienced healthcare and technology professionals.

How it Works

Healthcare delivery is changing dynamically and is increasingly emphasizing the importance of collaboration across multiple care providers. For too long, patients have engaged with health services throughout their communities and across the care continuum only to have their health information siloed such that the full picture is never completely available at the point of care. Minerva drives an open-standards-based, patient-centric approach to interoperability and care collaboration. It takes a vendor-neutral approach to unlocking the patient data which is scattered across poorly integrated proprietary systems and enables a seamless and connected experience across the care network


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Summary Results

MphRx’s provides a rock-solid foundation for healthcare providers to accelerate service innovation and embrace digital transformation